proposing a purpose

Tumblr is a social media that is seriously under appreciated. That website is full of poetic assholes that I want to be friends with. The other day I came across a quote that really hit home, and I wanted to share it with those of you who haven't yet discovered it via the internet. Sadly … Continue reading proposing a purpose

The College Dropout

Okay mom before you get scared of that title, I'm not dropping out. But I can't say that I haven't thought about it on numerous occasions. When I was in high school I remember hearing all of those ~scandalous~ rumors along the lines of, "did you hear so and so's brother dropped out of school?!" … Continue reading The College Dropout

social vulnerability

When you live in a dorm, or in an apartment, finding time and a space to cry is hard. That sounds ridiculous, but being able to cry and not having to explain yourself is the best. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I, without a doubt, need an hour to myself every single day. And … Continue reading social vulnerability

the guilt of having it good

life has been too wonderful lately, so naturally something bad is bound to happen. Forming those words, I know how ridiculous it sounds. I'm complaining about the wonderful aspects of my life, under the assumption that soon it'll be taken away. Since my life has been ravishing recently, I'm sitting here pining, because sooner rather … Continue reading the guilt of having it good

Fitness rollercoaster

If ever in your life you felt motivated for a few months, and then lose all momentum, you are about to relate to this post. For the past 5 years of my life, I've either been in two places. Working toward a weight loss/fitness goal, or enjoying that I've pretty much reached it. The catch … Continue reading Fitness rollercoaster

Taming the clock

A few ways to help you time manage. With school finally kicking into gear, I know I'm completely overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities I recently have. Waking up for class, walking to be there on time, hitting the gym, making sure I have time to eat, spending time with friends, leaving time to make … Continue reading Taming the clock

new home base

Life update!! I recently moved back to my college city in Charleston, SC! (If you start seeing "y'all" in my writing, now you know why). When you live two plane rides away, it's hard to decide what comes and what stays. Luckily, my parents came with me and helped me get situated in my first … Continue reading new home base

just the vegan-ing

This is just the veganing. I've been attempting to become a vegan for the past week. don't knock it till you try it!! Hate me, but I watched a documentary that ~changed my life~ (I live for drama I'm sorry). But really, it opened my eyes to a lot of health things that I completely … Continue reading just the vegan-ing

quotes for clarity

In our lives we all need a sense of reason. I preach on my blog posts about how you cannot move forward in life without actively seeking out your goals, but sometimes that's really difficult. When your feet feel like they're stuck in the mud, we all need something to help us up, and that … Continue reading quotes for clarity

the alchemist book review

pre-review: The famous "alchemist". It's traveled through word of mouth and finally I've gotten around to committing to it. All 171 pages. Good first impressions aren't everything when it comes to books, but they definitely help! Now lets talk cover. The sun shaped center draws in the eye while leaving you with a sense of … Continue reading the alchemist book review

im green da ba di

the battle of the greens. I'm here today to give you my reviews of restaurants that consider themselves to be green, be it healthy vegan or natural. For starters, im biased, but I will do my best to be as fair as I can. VERDE | CAESAR SALAD WITH SHRIMP | $9.45 Calories = 512. … Continue reading im green da ba di

Healthy is HOT

On the road to life style changes! No one ever said it would be easy, but I sure wish it was tastier. Thus far I've found one meal that I absolutely love and is super easy to make, which is really important because I can't cook for shit. I call this creation, stir fry. I … Continue reading Healthy is HOT

ay dios mio

AHAHAHAh what was I thinking. Ok. working out is hard people. I am doing my best to nutrition myself and self control is everything, but working out for the first time in a literal month is so stinkin hard. I had my spanish course this morning and decided after to hit up a new place … Continue reading ay dios mio

a summer solstice

What do you do when you run out of worthy thoughts? I'm at a stand still. This post isn't meant to be sad or make you feel bad for me, but to strictly be relatable. Back in my parents house, I feel like my 16 year old self, so naive. I thought I'd marry my … Continue reading a summer solstice

im going permanent

hello. I am getting a tattoo. life is risky and YOLO so i'm getting a permanent reminder of a place I love. My family is selling our lake home, aka my best childhood memories so my brother and I are commemorating the loss through some pointy needles. Not heroine!!!! It's just the tattoo parlor LOL. … Continue reading im going permanent

rid the negative

Ridding my body of toxins. A task that sounds somewhat impossible. Everyday I slather on $40 concealer in hopes of covering blemishes, ignoring the fact that it's probably a main reason that I have acne in the first place. I indulge in perfumes and body scrubs and shampoos. All containing unknown things. Especially the hormonal … Continue reading rid the negative

oldie but a goodie

  Say hello to the dopest technology you've seen since 2010. my ipod touch. whaaaaat. yes I do still use this dinosaur. I found it in my desk while I was home and charged it up and what do you know, it's still filled with wonderful illegally downloaded music. middle school scout was bad ass. … Continue reading oldie but a goodie

holiday travels

Traveling on easter?? I ain't even mad. This morning I woke up in my childhood room and now I'm resting my head on a plane window somewhere in Chicago. This world and technology is phenomenal. I can split 24 hours into multiple cities. That's insane. A concept that some 100 years ago, probably less I … Continue reading holiday travels

a hop skip and a jump

       travel day!!!! Unpopular opinion, I love spending a day in the air, traveling. It gives me an excuse to listen to good music, stare out a window, disconnect from society, and occasionally read a book. That is the LIFE. All while going to a new destination. Cmon. Tell me something better. Travel … Continue reading a hop skip and a jump

blog with a view

This definitely isn't Nebraska anymore let me tell ya. The fact that I'm sitting on a bench in 76 degree weather with this as my view just knocks me of my feet every time, and no, I'm not referring to the Charleston shuffle. If you've ever had the pleasure of being in Chuck, you know … Continue reading blog with a view