goonies never say die


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Today I’m planning out my future classes, but I really wish I was planning a vacation, or even a study abroad trip for that matter. Don’t you wish you could just drop everything and travel for a living? Because I definitely do. Like all the time. None the less, college registration is painful but necessary. So many upperclassmen throw me professor suggestions like they are saving me from a semester of pain, which is much appreciated. Being stuck with a final worth 40% of your grade does NOT sound appealing.

BUT, of course I got extremely distracted while planning (something I rarely ever do)… and decided to write one of my favorite movie quotes on a notecard. A precious notecard that could’ve been used for intermediate Spanish terms like “el peligro”. Too late, my grade might be in danger. hah! Seriously though, the goonies is a classic movie and I spent 30 minutes trying to craft some calligraphy out of my cursive. Wish I would’ve paid more attention in 3rd grade when they taught me the beautiful art of cursive, but its practically a dead language now. I challenge you all to try and write for a day in cursive. It’s more difficult than you think.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!!




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