i’m going caviar and bananas

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Hello my people! I’m writing to you as I procrastinate homework in the library. My mind is glued to the though of getting on a plane in two days (hello Omaha!), and my hand is glued to my fru fru Starbucks coffee. Let the record show that I don’t even like coffee. I know, I don’t get it either. My ear buds are blaring Please by the Wallows, yes it is the band Dylan Minnette, star of “13 Reasons Why”, is apart of. It’s official. I’m a groupie. Check it out y’all it’s actually pretty good studying music… although I’m getting no work done listening to it, I could see how some people could use it to be productive, link is below! ALSO if you haven’t binge watched “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix yet, you’re truly behind on the trend. Pop yourself a big bag of popcorn, my person favorite is Pop-Secrets homestyle, and curl up in bed to binge tf out of this. You will not regret, and you will not sleep until you’ve finished.

Other than my new binge music and shows, I splurged today on a meal at caviar and bananas, a Charleston staple. Although this shop is very overpriced for a college student, it’s damn good. 10/10 turkey and cheese lovers would highly recommend “The Usual” sandwich. If that isn’t your cup of tea, all of their sushi is fairly delicious.

happy eating & listening & watching!


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