a hop skip and a jump

IMG_1890.JPG      IMG_1857.JPG

travel day!!!! Unpopular opinion, I love spending a day in the air, traveling. It gives me an excuse to listen to good music, stare out a window, disconnect from society, and occasionally read a book. That is the LIFE. All while going to a new destination. Cmon. Tell me something better. Travel life tip: take your headphones out and start conversation with who you end up next to. today I met a girl who knows the photographer that took my senior pictures. small ass world. We talked the whole flight along with another friend we made, and time flew (literally flew). That’s way better than any playlist I could’ve been listening to.

Icing on the cake is that I got to see my family and home today! Home feels so special when you haven’t seen it in 3 months. My cute kitty cat featured today is midnight. The sassiest and poster child for a scardey cat. She’s a bitch and she’s my best friend.

The best part about being home? I’d say my family, but we all know it’s the food. (ok it’s my family). hahah but I got to enjoy my favorite sushi from Ponzu, and I even got to drive my car there! THE LITTLE THINGS. life is good y’all.

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