spring got me sprung

IMG_1897.JPG  IMG_1923.JPG

Running. Not my favorite activity in the world. But I plan on eating an absurd amount of chocolate and peeps in the next 24 hours so I made a sacrifice. Last summer my mom and I used to always walk this trail next to our house, right by cancer survivor park for anyone who knows omaha, and today I ran it alone to burn off the future calories I plan on indulging. Spring in the midwest, honestly anything in the midwest, I just love it. The blooms are beautiful and the grass is unbelievably green. Featured is a pic I snapped while slacking off during my run. It’s always been my favorite view to look down at Happy and it just looked extra wonderful today.

Today is my grandmas 90th birthday. 90. ninety years!!!! and guys, she is in such good shape. I’ve got good genes to look forward to. We had a decent sized shin dig at my house, along side fancy plastic china plates and red velvet cake. T’was a great day in my books, cake, champagne and knock off fancy things, covers all my bases.

This weekend has been spectacular. I got to see all my extended family, as well as I spent quality time with missed friends from home. Coming home after your freshman year seems like a drag, and I won’t deny that it feels that way, but at least I have wonderful people to look forward to. shouts out, sorry I’m soft af. but having said that, I’m JACKED to go back to Charleston and fully enjoy my last three weeks with my people before we peace tf out. You bet your ass I’m gonna say yes to every outing opportunity because why the hell not. Freshman year is almost over and I might as well make a few more mistakes before I say goodbye for three months.

Here’s to bad decisions!!!

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