holiday travels


Traveling on easter?? I ain’t even mad. This morning I woke up in my childhood room and now I’m resting my head on a plane window somewhere in Chicago. This world and technology is phenomenal. I can split 24 hours into multiple cities. That’s insane. A concept that some 100 years ago, probably less I just wanted to round up, this concept was foreign.

Anyone ever sit in an airport and think, I wonder if my future spouse is in this place right now? Or maybe some famous has been is traveling in another terminal, just waiting for me to harass them for a picture. so many irrelevant thoughts go through my mind I swear. OKAY last one. Do you ever think about how every time you make eye contact with someone, you cross their mind? This applies for strangers too. I wonder what I look like in someone else’s mind. It freaks me out honestly. Not that I genuinely care what some random across from me at my gate thinks of my get up, it freaks me out that I’ve given them some sort of impression simply because we’ve made eye contact. They have no idea who I am, where I come from, and what I enjoy, but yet they have crafted an impression. I’m crazy I know! If you’ve never thought deeply about this, let it marinate. Maybe next time you find yourself vulnerable in a public space, you’ll remember this and wonder what the stranger across from you got as a first impression, or maybe you won’t be as quick to judge them. two way street.


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