if you didn’t know well now you know


I am grown!! Today I declared my college major! On the road to becoming a hospitality and tourism major. It’s kinda official I guess but like every other college student it’s likely I’ll change my mind. I went in thinking I’d for sure be a business major, realized I hate math, wanted to be a polisci major, realized I’m too biased and have no actual interest in running a political campaign (while I do still very much enjoy learning about political science). My major decision got me thinking about my life next year. I’m moving into an apartment with 2 of my best friends! I’m quite thrilled to even begin thinking about decorating my room. For starters I NEED this poster of Joe Biden eating ice cream because who doesn’t love Joe Biden eating ice cream. There’s no reason I featured him today other than the fact that I think this picture is dope.

Today wasn’t very special, so I don’t have any fun stories to share. I do however have a few pages in my new favorite poetry book Milk and Honey By Rupi Kaur. I found out about it through the internet of course. I was reading a few quotes out loud to my roommate lauren and she, being the greatest person ever, bought me the book the next day so I could enjoy all of it’s glory! I have no professional talent in selecting reading, but if you are a fan of pretty language please read it. It’s worth the money. It’s relatable and beautiful. My favorite poems come from pages 84, 108, 177, 194. Below is the quote from page 84. If you like it buy it!! it’s my honest opinion, aint no body paying me to sell their stuff on this page. (but it’d be dope if they did, hmu I’m a poor college student). PS. after reading the quote does it remind anyone of the movie “the adjustment bureau”?? Now all I wanna do is watch that movie ugh


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