sometimes it’s okay to be fake


Sadly no filter could take the grease away from my hair, but guess what. I got my cartilage pierce. no I didn’t. it’s fake. the earring only cost me $10 and there were no needles involved and I still look like a bad ass. The rents wouldn’t approve of a real piercing, I mean they might, but I didn’t wanna push my luck. My title today is that sometimes it’s okay to be fake. I whole heartedly agree, in earrings and in life. I’m all about being nice to people to avoid burning bridges, and as much as I’d like to think I’m genuinely nice and kind to everyone all the time, I’m not. None of us are. Except for peyton knott. Shouts out to peyton knott. But I do strongly believe that you should always be kind to those around you, because everyone’s fighting their own battle. You don’t need to add fuel to the fire. So if that’s what being fake is, then I don’t wanna be real!!!

Kinda dramatic okay sorry. Also I apologize for this being a day late, I forgot to blog. My english paper was just calling me and I had to answer. Quick q, has anyone tried the new unicorn starbucks thing?? I’m all for sweets but idk it kinda grosses me out, and I haven’t even tried it. The name itself makes me not want to try it. LMK y’all I’m curious. Anyways, I’ll catch you guys up about 4/20 later today.

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