sports puns are too cheesy


three strikes and I’m out!! -that what I’d never name this blog post. hahaha ah I crack myself up. Today I went to an athletic event and cheered on my school. It was hype.

For actual news other than my average day to day life, I’m helping run my sorority’s social media accounts and I’m thrilled about it. I get to help pick out pictures for the VSCO account and our tumblr, which is actually so so so fun. Shouts out Greta, if you’re reading this you are fab and I’m so excited to work with you. OK enough cheese.

Today is really a rant. I haven’t been able to consolidate my thoughts for a while and it’s leaving me a little unsettled. I’m super interesting in trying mindfulness. In life I want to be more aware of those and the things around me. Sorry for the mess of posts, I’m just typing the random thoughts in my mind. I need to get my mind sorted out. Be back soon my friends!


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