good morning charleston


I have been listening to the same song on repeat. Morning in America by Jon Bellion. It is my jam. please go listen to it so I am not the only one binge listening. Today is a beautiful morning. It’s so so sad thinking that this place won’t be my home for three months. Home is always homaha but home is sometimes charleston too. Except I have to say goodbye to everyone and everything for the summer. My heart just hurt typing that. I am a sap!!! Good-bye’s blow chunks.

I really need to stop being a in a funk. I’m just not over the fact that I have to pick up and move again. Leaving this tiny shoebox of a home is something I never thought I’d cry over but yet here I am. Featured pic is one Lauren took of me being happy in my home. This is the first year I haven’t been excited for summer to start. I can’t imagine not living within a mile radius or even 10 feet across from my best friends. This is a hump I really need to get over and I apologize for my blog posts being on the sadder side. I promise life is still fantastic and peeps still taste delicious, but things are setting in and I have to leave the people I love for a while 😦

With having said that I am still excited to make new memories with my high school friends, because they are fabulous, but a part of me is getting left in Charleston and I’m scared my college friends will forget about me. Really hope they don’t. Goodnight Charleston.

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