so you’re going to college

you did it! class of whatever! congrats! I hope that you’re saving your grad party money and working your butt off this summer. You’ve got a wild and amazing ride ahead of you, and I sure am jealous that you get to experience it all for the first time. Hopefully some of my words of wisdom will help you learn from all my mistakes and successes.


-buy velveeta and shells over easy mac, all day every day you’ll thank yourself.

-whether you’re moving across the country or across your city, branch tf out. being stuck in the past ultimately leaves you feeling depressed. Whatever high school was like for you, it happened and it was awesome but it’s over, accept it sooner and you’ll actually enjoy your best freshman year.

-do not jump into a relationship, casual or intense, when school starts. this is the time to figure out how to take care of yourself and what you want to be in life, it’s not time to stress over if that average frat boy liked the girl down the halls insta pic

-call your fucking mom. do it, and send a card for her birthday too.

-do text your high school friends to tell them how much you think of them, but don’t continuously text in your high school group chat. This is a new chapter, and they need to start their own too.

-be considerate. You’re sharing a shoebox with someone else. Do not blast music while they sleep or turn on the lights early in the morning without warning them. Also don’t be the roommate that’s asleep every day until 2pm and expects the lights to be off and it to be silent. Just be considerate and communicate from the beginning. It’s not hard to be a nice person.

-Maybe go to the gym every once in a while, I know that place is awful but so is not fitting into your clothes

-join some stuff. of course you’re not gonna meet anyone when you only go to class and the library, what did you expect? find common interests with those around you, it makes starting conversation so much easier.

-you’re gonna learn that the world is your oyster. you don’t have to go home for the summer. you can stay there. do whatever you gotta do, don’t feel obligated to follow what your high school friends are doing.

-don’t post pictures with illegal things. just don’t. 1. no one cares and 2. soon your social media presence might be more important than your college GPA in our society so plz just chill

-i’m a big advocate for making a physical change to match a mental one. If you are sick of looking like the person you were in high school, chop off all your hair and use it as a starting point for a new you. I did it and it sounds stupid but it was freeing.

-* most importantly be BOLD. people always respond to boldness, be it good or bad. tell that guy at the bar that you think he’s mighty fine & if he isn’t into it then at least you wont spend all night wondering what if. Tell your best friend that she’s the shit, make her day. Bold is good. Learn to express the good things you see in others.

Here’s a comparison of the beginning to end of freshman year. You might not see that much of a physical difference but I promise you these two girls are extremely different. The first one looks all fine and dandy, but really she felt awful about herself and let life move on without her, while now i’ve accepted that things end & begin all the time. I’ve embraced the bold. But you don’t need my advice, you’re gonna live it soon wishing you’d known it all before. best of luck to ya, and stick it out. Don’t transfer.

IMG_6427 2.JPG IMG_1472 2.JPG

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