rid the negative


Ridding my body of toxins. A task that sounds somewhat impossible. Everyday I slather on $40 concealer in hopes of covering blemishes, ignoring the fact that it’s probably a main reason that I have acne in the first place. I indulge in perfumes and body scrubs and shampoos. All containing unknown things. Especially the hormonal birth control I take daily. Good riddance. I’m taking a step back from my cultured life and I’m going to let my freak flag fly. Jokes aside, I’m going to do my best to remove scary toxins from my everyday life. I am super uneducated on this topic, so don’t trust me on it like you would a professional, but I don’t see the harm in trying to find healthier alternatives and different remedies. I want my body to be flushed and feel refreshed, starting with some sleepy time tea.

I think that this topic pairs well with self love and natural beauty. Here comes my inner feminist, CLICK AWAY, you’ve been warned. BUT, I know that my self esteem isn’t near as high as it should be, along with so many other teenage girls. I don’t feel absolutely beautiful every time I look in the mirror, hell not even close to that. How sad is it that we don’t love the one thing in life that is truly ours? Your body is your temple. Worship yourself. Here ye Here ye. Today I vow to commit to a better, more positive lifestyle. It’s so much easier said than done, but even if it means standing in a power stance and looking at myself in the mirror every morning then fuck it, i’m in. (Fun fact standing in a strong power stance truly does make you a more confident person. do it). Also healthier is happier. Mental happiness can be just as important, if not more. Holding a warm cup in your hands can make you feel more whole and relaxed and happy. Kill two birds with one stone by having sleepy time tea for a detox and warm your hands to calm your body. Wow I love that people have researched awesome shit like that. Thanks for reading little chickens!




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