damn jackie i can’t control the weather


So my current binge watching show on netflix is That 70’s Show. I’ve been channeling my inner Jackie Burkhart and attempting some retro styles that she sports. I recently bought a pair of painters pants (ft above and peep my DOGE in the corner) and I feel so vintage it’s amazing. I also found a not so cute pair of flair jeans from the goodwill, but thanks to my moms fancy sewing tools I was able to rip the ends and all lots of flare and tangles to give it a more modern look. My style choice has been a super vintage since the end of my freshman year. I LOVE wearing overalls. I have a classic blue jean pair from the gap and I have a black overall dress made from a corduroy material that looks straight out of the 90’s. As for shoes, my cons are alway top priority even when I’m dressing up because comfort always comes first.

I’m not a fashion blogger but I thought I’d be a fun topic of blog conversation because it ties into my tv preferences. Anyways, vintage is in people. Go to goodwill and spend $3.89 on a bad pair of jeans and make it into a craft to fix them up. That saves money and you’re reusing clothing that isn’t just being thrown out. What a lot of people oversee is that clothing needs to be recycled just as much as plastic needs to be. Don’t waste, reuse! It’s actually really fun too!! My creation is featured below: I ripped holes over the knee and fringed the cuts, as well as I fringed the bottom of the flares. Doesn’t my cat look like fetty wap??


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