im green da ba di

the battle of the greens. I'm here today to give you my reviews of restaurants that consider themselves to be green, be it healthy vegan or natural. For starters, im biased, but I will do my best to be as fair as I can. VERDE | CAESAR SALAD WITH SHRIMP | $9.45 Calories = 512. … Continue reading im green da ba di

Healthy is HOT

On the road to life style changes! No one ever said it would be easy, but I sure wish it was tastier. Thus far I've found one meal that I absolutely love and is super easy to make, which is really important because I can't cook for shit. I call this creation, stir fry. I … Continue reading Healthy is HOT

ay dios mio

AHAHAHAh what was I thinking. Ok. working out is hard people. I am doing my best to nutrition myself and self control is everything, but working out for the first time in a literal month is so stinkin hard. I had my spanish course this morning and decided after to hit up a new place … Continue reading ay dios mio

the pants don’t fit

SO, DAY 1! thanks for clicking and welcome to the beginning of my thread! if you're confused, then please check out my "the pants - thread" page to read up about what the heck i'm even talking about – – hahaha I ate so bad today. Maybe 2,000 calories? Honestly I didn’t know I was … Continue reading the pants don’t fit