ay dios mio

AHAHAHAh what was I thinking. Ok. working out is hard people. I am doing my best to nutrition myself and self control is everything, but working out for the first time in a literal month is so stinkin hard. I had my spanish course this morning and decided after to hit up a new place called Freshii and then hit the trail for a 3 mile run (hahaha I mean walk). I ordered the teriyaki twist with chicken, which came out to around $10, and I looked online for the calorie count which seemed to be around 500. I’m not 100% how accurate that is but I went with it. Seemed kinda steep for a calorie count at a self proclaimed healthy restaurant, like I could eat 2 slices of pizza for that!!! ANYWAYS, it was actually so tasty and more importantly I wasn’t eating crap. I didn’t feel bloated or greasy post consuming so it was a win for me.


As for my run, I did the typical trail that I used to run for the entire month of May. It was awful. I don’t mean like yeah the run was hell but I killed it. I mean it was awful. I couldn’t run over half of it. It was pretty warm outside, but my body just kept saying I’m going to yak. Finally I finished, eventually, and I’m glad I started. Today was a reminder that I really can’t neglect my body like I have been. My youth is running out! Your body is your temple. Take care of it!!!! Today was hard, but it needed to happen. Rubbing my Buddha statue for good luck tonight because ay dios mio, you people know i need it.





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