Healthy is HOT

On the road to life style changes! No one ever said it would be easy, but I sure wish it was tastier. Thus far I’ve found one meal that I absolutely love and is super easy to make, which is really important because I can’t cook for shit. I call this creation, stir fry. I know, really creative. How’d I ever come up with that one? But I’ve substituted the noodles for quinoa because it’s not near as many calories or carbs! Don’t judge my presentation before you decide to try it, it’s actually delicious and under 350 calories, but could easily be modified to be less.



materials & food needed:

-Cutting board, knife, frying pan, spatula, stove (lol do you include that you need a stove, because you do need one..?)

-Peppers, red onion, spinach, quinoa, butter (or olive oil), general tso sauce (or any you prefer) BONUS: you could add cauliflower, carrots, edamame, heck any veggie you’re feeling, this is just what happened to be in my home today.

  1. I start but gathering everything to make sure that I can actually finish the meal. Too many times I’ve gotten halfway through making something to realize that I don’t have anything I need to finish it.
  2. Once you have everything you need, start cutting the vegetables into smaller pieces so that it’ll cook faster on your pan. Patience is not a personality trait I possess so this step shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  3. Turn on your stove and add some butter to your pan. Move it around so that later your Quinoa doesn’t get stuck to the pan and you won’t have to deal with scraping it clean with a sponge later.
  4. Place veggies on the pan and move them around occasionally with the spatula. I usually leave the stove at like a six on the hot scale. Just hot enough to get it done, but not so hot that I burn it.
  5.  Add in the quinoa once the veggies are almost done. I buy already cooked quinoa because it’s harder than shit to actually cook it. So I just throw it in later to heat it up. I really recommend you use quinoa instead of rice or noodles. The calorie count is insanely better, which means you can eat more and feel less bad about yourself after!
  6. Add in the sauce and just move the stuff around. Once you’re satisfied with the temperature and taste, plop that sucker on a plate and enjoy!

Obviously I’m no professional and if you accidentally burn your house town I take no responsibility. Happy eating.

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