im green da ba di

the battle of the greens. I’m here today to give you my reviews of restaurants that consider themselves to be green, be it healthy vegan or natural.

For starters, im biased, but I will do my best to be as fair as I can.



Calories = 512. Now this might only be available in South Carolina, but I couldn’t not include it. Pictured is a caesar salad with roasted shrimp and a vegan cookie. Calories for the salad come out to 440, and the included slice of whole wheat bread is 72 calories. In total you’re looking at around a 500 calorie meal, not including the cookie. Trust me, this might be a hefty calorie count, but it really fills you up. It’s super easy to eat a little and save the rest for later too.

Taste = So so so good. Never in my life did I ever think I would crave a salad, but this place has proved me wrong on several occasions. I even have separation anxiety being away for these past few months. Truly I am not a salad girl but this place knows their shit.

Overall = The employees are really nice and it’s right on king street in Charleston which makes it so easy to stop in after class. One of my absolute favorites, my best advice is don’t knock it till you try it.



Calories = 500. This is a franchise that happens to be in both my cities, Omaha and Charleston. I ordered the teriyaki twist bowl with chicken. The chicken is optional to add in and it’s around 80 more calories. This is pretty steep cal count if you’re looking to add in a protein, but it  was pretty filling.

Taste = I am a big teriyaki fan and it made the veggies delicious. The edamame was a nice touch and it all came out warm and ready to eat, which I really liked.

Overall = The service was great, and the location in Aksarben and near MUSC makes it fairly convenient for me to stop in. Also another great meal that is easy to eat a little and save some for later.



Calories = 300. I ordered a small because it seemed like it would be big enough to fill me up. This is located in multiple midwest states, and I went to the location in Aksarben. You heat it up at home and it’s that easy.

Taste = I wasn’t expecting it to be delicious, I mean healthy food isn’t the most scrumptious food in the world, but I’d say this was decent. I really badly wanted to add salt to it but I surprisingly had a little self control and finished it with dignity.

Overall = The meals are pre made so you never have to wait for hot food. This place is perfect if you’re not in the mood to make something, but still want the convenience of eating at home. The portions make it really easy to know exactly what you’re consuming which I really enjoy. It just wasn’t the most delicious meal I’ve ever had, but you can’t win them all.

Well there ya have it folks! Happy healthy eating. OH & if anyone has any good recommendations about where to find a great meal similar to the ones above, PLZ leave it in the comments or send me a message!


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