why we should all work in food service

Everyone in this world should at some point in their lives work an “entry level” job, like being a waitress. Why? Likely it’s not for the money (minimum wage and bad tips), but for the life lessons that you learn through working a job where, to be brutally honest, the customers can really suck.

Commence the RANT

There’s no better skill than learning how to make change. Sure we all learn this when we’re in 3rd grade, but I doubt you’re as familiar with it as it should be. I don’t even need to tell you how much of a life skill this is, when we all deal with money every day. Oh, and paying in exact change is SO satisfying

You become a better person.

After being treated like crap by a customer, it’s easy to be pissed. I’m betting you said to yourself, “I’d never treat anyone like that”, especially now that you know how it feels. This is a skill that no other experience can teach you. When someone wrongs you in your place of work, your attitude changes and you decide to care about your servers and care about how the people doing a service for you feel. Because yes, they are indeed doing a service for you that either you are incapable of doing or choose not to do.

You learn the value of hard work.

When you work your ass off and get that 30% tip, it feels amazing. And it feels even better knowing that you’re good at what you do. There will never not be those people who don’t tip, even when you know you did your best. Yet you still put a smile on your face and get the job done.

and that’s what life is all about

So please don’t think you’re too entitled to work in the food and bev industry, we all should.

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