my happy medium of failure

scout’s not bummer summer full of successes and failures. No BS. Just the cold hard truth.


-Making that cheddar. Working two jobs this summer has had some down sides, but my bank account is thanking me for all the early mornings and late nights. wow I sound like a 30 year old. No offense to my older readers, but I’m 19 and I was not mentally prepared for what a 12 hours, yes you read that right, work day would feel like. None the less, still considered a success.


-Neglecting my friends and family. I can count around 15 times that I have passed opportunities to spend time with high school friends and my family because I was already busy with work or a prior engagement. Summer is meant for catching up and appreciating finally being back with your people. This was an epic fail on my part. Already regret all those times I said I was too tired.


-Jumping the wake on the wake board/learning how to wake skate. This is an accomplishment 10 year old me would’ve died over. I never really figured I’d learn, but with all the lake days I had this summer with just my parents, we found a lot of time and excuse to drag me behind the boat. Well, it paid off and I feel absolutely accomplished. Got some sick go pro pics while I was at it. SCORE.


-This one starts off as a success but ends in my biggest fail. This summer I took a Spanish class at UNO (go mavs) that I really enjoyed. I loved my professor and really felt like I was learning something, even getting closer to becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish. This was never my best or easiest class, but I was doing swimmingly. Except then I checked my Charleston degree audit to see if my credits had transferred, turns out it didn’t cover the general education requirement at my actual school, but it covered a class slightly below it. So I still received 3 credits, and I learned a lot, but you can catch me in another gen ed Spanish class come this fall. HAH yeah, there were some tears shed over this one.


-Because we always have to end on a good one. I learned a lot about myself. My summer jobs taught me how to not be afraid to ask someone for help, how to be confident talking on the phone, and whole lot of other things. More importantly, I finally had some free time to self reflect. I saw the picture below on instagram today and it seriously spoke to me. No, I might not be as thin or as smart as I’d like to be right now, but I really need to love myself no matter what. Not because ‘no one else will’, because screw that crap, but because it’s so important to feel good about yourself. You are in complete control of your emotions and if you are upset about your life, it’s up to you to change your attitude, and in turn change your life. Success.


Picture is from @rachaelvogel on instagram. Her account is dope & I’m a big fan.

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