how to take and edit your best iphone photo

Alright, we all have seen how amazing the iphone 7 camera is. It’s beauty has inspired me to write this post, because a good camera is nothing if you don’t know how to utilize it. I am not apart of the iphone 7 club, but I do have lots of iphone photo experience and thought I’d share some expertise.


This is everything, hence why I put it first. Natural lighting is always preferred. You get warmer and well blended tones when you use natural light. EX: if you’re taking a selfie, don’t use your mirror light, stand in from of a window. BOOM. better picture quality.

Camera Angle

This doesn’t just matter if you’re taking a selfie, it matters for all photos, so make sure you trust your photographer! Sometimes holding the phone up higher can make you appear smaller, which can be preferred. But sometimes the natural light hits your face better when the camera is lower. Test it out and see what you like.


When thinking about your instagram aesthetic, what kind of background do you need for you photos? Totally kidding. But really, you should look around and make sure there isn’t a trash can, or someone walking by. These little knit picky things can transform your photos. I feel like this goes without saying, but don’t dress to blend into your background. Likely you want to pop in your photos, so if you contrast from your background, you’ll stand out.


This might be the second most important step, but it’s your last step in the process. If you know how to edit your photos, you can make practically any photo appealing. I do not support editing apps that change the way you physically look (you’re hot af and don’t need em), but filters and lighting alterations are all fair game. My personal favorite app is VSCO. I invested in a few filter packs because it gives me a TON more options when I’m looking over photos, and by investing I mean $2.99. Overall, my favorite filter has to be “A6”. I’m not sure what pack I bought it in, but it’s a really warm undertone. But you really can’t go wrong with anything on that app.

My secret to a bomb picture… here goes… add grain. Yes grain!! A lot of people would think that sharpening your photos is best, but I strongly disagree. Grain gives you the essence of a professional photo, because most photographers add in grain when they use their fancy cameras. But remember, a little bit of grain goes a long way.

Here’s an editing example of ‘A6’ plus Grain. Photo was shot with natural light on an iphone 6.














Now go out there and take some dope pics!

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