just the vegan-ing

This is just the veganing. I’ve been attempting to become a vegan for the past week. don’t knock it till you try it!! Hate me, but I watched a documentary that ~changed my life~ (I live for drama I’m sorry). But really, it opened my eyes to a lot of health things that I completely overlooked. Peep it. What The Health @ Netflix.

From my short week of attempting to be vegan, I learned a lot about food. You can’t eat anything. Jokes aside, vegans are committed and I respect it. Queso is and will always be my favorite food, the real OG’s know how deep my addiction runs, but I threw it aside to try something new. And it’s kinda been fun! Grocery shopping meant reading nutrition labels and checking all the ingredients before I could decide if it was dairy free. I learned so much about what I was consuming through genuine attention to nutrition labels.

For those who don’t know, being vegan means that you can’t have meat, sea food, dairy, eggs, pretty much any food that came from an animal, and that includes honey and gelatin. It’s all veggies, fruits, nuts and wheat. Not easy, but also very possible.

Cooking. It’s new, it’s hype, it’s what all the millennials are talking about. Home made food is so freaking easy to calorie count. I wasn’t near as tempted to hop over to a restaurant and get take out, especially when I could make myself something and know exactly how many calories it was. I began pan frying veggies and trying black bean pasta (YUM btw). Vegan food is a whole new world for me and I hardly dipped my toes in.

Overall, my lifestyle got healthier. I was paying more attention to what I was eating, and how it was making me feel. Bloat has absolutely decreased, and I think my stomach is a little happier with itself. I call it a success. I won’t be continuing for life with this kind of diet, because for me quality of life is more important sometimes (gotta have that queso), yet I am more self aware of what I consume and what impact that product is having on my community. Food for thought.


Did you guys know that there’s a such thing as vegan ice cream?? Because it’s YUM. @Coneflowercreamery is a similar spot to Ted and Wally’s. CHECK IT.

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