the best places to run in Charleston

Charleston is known for it’s phenomenal views. If you’re an outdoor runner like myself, then you should definitely invest in visiting Charleston to come appreciate the southern views. OR if you’re lucky enough to live here, then should already be aware of  how amazing this city is for an outdoor runner. With the exception of weather (it’s so so so HOT), this place is full of gorgeous sights meant for running. Here are a few of my absolute favorites! Team treadmills suck & happy sweating!


The Battery

Probably one of my all time favorites. The curve of the road lets you run right along the shore. It’s the best spot to see the sunset in Charleston, plus it’s cooler if you run during the time of the sunset! You’re guaranteed to see a lot of dog walkers, and who doesn’t love stopping to pet a friendly little puppy. This place is filled with people just trying to enjoy the scenery. Overall, a beautiful view and great place to get a run in.

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Colonial Lake

This picture is a view on the way to the lake, because sadly I haven’t snapped a picture of it yet. Colonial lake is a great replacement for a track type runner. It’s set up in a circle around a gorgeous mirror like lake (more of a pond if you ask me). You can run laps around it for days and the very well placed water fountains make this a runners paradise. It’s so easy to keep track of how far you’re going here, and it’s just so stunning.


Arthur Ravenel Bridge

I’ve personally never run this, but I’m dying to check it out. This 2.7 mile bridge is a Charleston staple. There’s even an event called the Cooper River Bridge Run where we close off traffic and runners take over the bridge. Who doesn’t love overlooking the ocean while you get some exercise in? I’ve heard it’s fairly breezy once you get up there, which sounds like something I’d be all over. If anyone is interested in checking this out with me please let me know!


The Beach

Team Sullivan’s island. This is for my sports bra and shorts running fam. Strap up some trustworthy tennis shoes and kick it on the sandy beaches. You’re definitely gonna get some sun and meet some fun people while you’re there. It’s best in the morning so you can beat the heat, but the beach is guaranteed to be a little windy making it so much more enjoyable. And once you’re done you can lay out a towel and enjoy a well deserved beach day!


Rainbow Row

Look at that picture and tell me you don’t want to go for a run there? Yeah. That’s right. Colorful house after colorful house. Rainbow row is the bridge between the battery and the pineapple fountain so you can incorporate a few gorgeous sights in one run. This is a shorter scenic route, but this view does make the time pass faster. Although I will warn you, the streets here are smaller and the tourists are slow. Beware.


Pineapple Fountain

This waterfront view featuring a fountain is perfect for a splash when you need it. I am not embarrassed to say that I’ve definitely splashed my face with the water from this fountain on a few occasions :)) Besides, if you’re a VSCO fanatic like myself, this spot is amazing for a walking break when you want to snap a few pics to update your feed. No shame!

FullSizeRender 2


Beware of king street. It’s so pretty, but extremely hard to get around the slow paced tourists and shoppers. You’re better off running on the parallel street of Saint Phillip, even though the views aren’t near as great. If you have the patience and ability to maneuver around people then I am absolutely impressed. Good luck.

Happy running my Chucktown friends! Seeking a running buddy if anyone’s interested, or if you have any recommendations of locale, please let me know!

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