polaroid pictures are the best thing since sliced bread

My nikon D5300 holds a near and dear spot in my heart. I love photo shop and light room and all the fun that goes with creating the perfect essence of a photo. But polaroids. One click and you’re done. No altering the lighting, no repositioning yourself. Just an absolutely genuine picture of that moment. A physical reminder of a memory that no one can alter. And I think that’s beautiful.

In our digital age, we forgo physical photographs. Babies are growing up with their ‘baby pictures’ being taken from their parents iPhones. I recall how excited I was every time I came across a photo album or a Walgreens printed stack of pictures from my child hood, especially because there was no online version of them. Holding a memory is more personal, thus why polaroid cameras making a come back is THE best thing since sliced bread.

I own the Fuji film instax mini 8. Along with it I have 2 albums and a display where I store all the pictures I’ve taken over the last few years. These things are WAY more near and dear to me than the camera roll on my iPhone. And I constantly see them, while on the other hand I can’t remember the last time I just scrolled through my camera roll for fun.

The print is worth the hassle. Even if you aren’t a fan of the polaroid camera, it’s about time you sent in your pictures to be developed. Hang some of your favorite! Make use of all those pictures just sitting there taking up space on your iCloud. Physical pictures are so important.

I like to use the Walgreens app to send in photos. It’s super easy and it’s honestly a lot cheaper than you’d expect. The more you develop in a pack, the cheaper the price is per picture, which is a great deal if you’re looking to update your walls. They’re usually done within the day you send them in, so you can easily drive and pick them up. As for polaroids, fuji instax film comes out to be about a dollar per picture. And that really isn’t a hefty price to pay for displaying your memories.

So I beg of you, please don’t be a iPhone baby pictures kind of person. Print out your memories and enjoy them.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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