the upsides of being a personality leech

personality leech. Those words have a bad connotative ring to them. I’ll explain it the same way I begin my intro paragraphs for most of the papers I’ve written in college, with a definition. Urban Dictionary defines personality leech as “Someone with absolutely no originality, who tries their hardest to mimic everything cool they see in you, seeking to be seen by others the way they see you.” Aggressive, right?

I argue that this definition is harshly wrong. This is just one way of stating it. Recently I’ve done some self reflecting and realized that I myself may possibly be a personality leech. Although I was livid when I began to realize it, I do see some positive benefits.

Leeches easily morph to any crowd they decide to be around. For myself, I like to be able to hangout with a large span of crowds, and groups of people, ranging from different religions, backgrounds, parts of the world, and political beliefs, etc. I’ve tried the whole “stick to one small group” friendship and it didn’t span out for me. Being able to get along with multiple friend groups, I think, is an absolute feat. You have so many friendly faces everywhere you go, and you expose yourself to different experiences and ways of thinking.

You can become the person your friend might need. When I’m around certain people, I typically act more like them. It’s just blatantly obvious to state that people become who they hangout with, but they absolutely are. With this, you can be exactly who your friend might need in their life. If they are looking for a friend who loves to watch tv and gossip, then you can be that for them. Or if they’re looking for a bubbly, night out partner in crime, it’s easy to mimimic their behavior and be that person they need. Even in more serious situations, if they need an understanding friend, a personality leech will be able to morph to that situation. This does come off sounding fake, but in all honesty, I do these acts without even thinking about them or pretending to be something. It wasn’t till I sat down and realized how leech-y like it really is, that I recognized how passionate I am for being the person someone might need.

It’s an unconscious act that we all make. This doesn’t mean that you’re two faced or a completely different person depending on who you’re around, but yet you aren’t the exact same version of yourself all the time.

We are ever changing and morphing our personalities over time. I know that I do appreciate how adaptable I can be as a personality leech. It allows me to reach a span of friends I didn’t know I could have, and I get to experience different walks of life and different styles of people. We’re all a little leech-y.

I’m not at all insinuating that we should all try to change and be like each other, but rather that it’s okay to find different versions of ourselves within our friends and those we surround ourselves with. That it’s okay to be the person your friend needs, or even to be the person you wish you had when you were younger.

Go do good things my fellow leeches.

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