Taming the clock

A few ways to help you time manage.

With school finally kicking into gear, I know I’m completely overwhelmed with the amount of responsibilities I recently have. Waking up for class, walking to be there on time, hitting the gym, making sure I have time to eat, spending time with friends, leaving time to make a call back home, etc etc. This list could go on forever, but we’re all busy. And lets face it, we have to prioritize things. This is how I go about attempting to manage my time, and maybe it’ll help you!

write everything down. I am not organized. At all. Like plz don’t come over and open up my desk drawers because they are AWFUL. It’s all a junk drawer. But one things for sure, I write down everything. My planner is horribly organized, but it’s all there. I write down when I have to wake up, who I promised I’d text, when I’m going to the grocery story, and especially my homework assignments. My memory just cannot handle all these tasks without writing them down. The second someone makes a plan with you WRITE IT DOWN. If you don’t wanna go, at least you’ll be able to make a valid excuse in good time.

learn to say no. This is so much easier said than done, and something I work at everyday. It pains me to disappoint people, and to tell them no, but life is too short to care so much about what others think. Tell them no and mean it. You can’t keep spreading yourself too thin. If you can’t handle that extra task from a friend, let them know right away that you won’t be able to be held accountable. This might suck in the moment, but you’re saving yourself and them from a lot of pain in the future.

do it today, not tomorrow. Eh that homework isn’t due until Friday and it’s only Monday… no. Every day you need to ask yourself, is this something I can try and get done? And if it is, please for the love of gilroys mac and cheese balls, DO IT. Any little task you can cross off on your planner is something worth investing time in. Besides, it saves you stress later in the week when you’re already burnt out. This not only saves time in the future but can prevent a mental break down, which definitely isn’t something you need to spend your time doing.

do not disturb. My phone is always on do not disturb. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a setting where your phone does not light up when you receive a text or a call, unless it’s from a favorite contact, or that person calls twice in a row. Sorry to all my friends who have tried to get ahold of me over the years and automatically been sent to voice mail, but I’d much rather I look at my phone when I have time, than my phone disturb me when I’m being productive else where. I promise that you won’t miss out on anything that exciting within the 30 minutes it took for you to see that missed call.

-find a routine. Just get into a routine and jive with it. Get adjusted to your schedule and commit to doing things around the same time every week. If you and your roommates always go to the grocery store at the same time each week, then that’s a block of time you can check off. Things like that help you know when your free time really is.

Go do something you’ve been meaning to do with all that leftover free time! Happy Monday!

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