Fitness rollercoaster

If ever in your life you felt motivated for a few months, and then lose all momentum, you are about to relate to this post.

For the past 5 years of my life, I’ve either been in two places. Working toward a weight loss/fitness goal, or enjoying that I’ve pretty much reached it. The catch is that while I’m enjoying having reached it, I lose all motivation and gradually gain it back/lose sight of the goal. It’s been an endless cycle of bursts of workouts and strict dieting, to relaxed days and not counting calories.

By no means am I saying that everyone needs to be counting calories and working out every day, but why the hell is it that right when I’m getting somewhere I make a turn for the worst? Frankly, I don’t have the answer. I’m not sure any of us do. Maybe it’s that we’re afraid to be at a peak in our lives. Maybe I’m just flat out lazy. Or it could even be that for my quality of life, I don’t care to workout and strictly diet, even if subconsciously I’m making that decision.

None the less, my point is that we’ve all been there. I look on Instagram every day and see photos of stunning people, fit as can be, and it can really hurt my self esteem. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is insecure about something. And if they aren’t, hats off to them because that’s what I want out of life. From talking to friends and family who, to my standards, are extremely healthy and fit, they all continue to have comments about what they dislike about their appearance. What’s important is that we’re all working toward our own goals in life, and prioritizing fitness is more important to others.

Practically no one is completely satisfied with the way they look, and that’s okay, but know that you are not the only one struggling with body image. Even the fittest of those instagram models don’t love everything about their bodies, which is really hard to believe.

I’m turning my life to an upward swing toward fitness, and it’s likely that at some point it’ll fall on my level of prioritization, and that is okay. But for now, we’re in this together! Let’s learn to love the way we look, at any point in our lives.


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