so you wanna be insta famous?

Tips and tricks on how to grow your Instagram account.

First off, I am not Insta famous, nor am I claiming to be Insta famous. Although how freaking fun would that be? (side not: you may still follow me @scout_petersen) Sadly I am not, but I have learned a TON about the art of social media, particularly Instagram, through speaking to my ever so successful, 34k followers, cousin John (Insta: @gunnerandlux) and through running the social media accounts for my internship (Insta: @Rayka_app). Here are a few tech savy tricks that I’ve learn to maneuver around the analytics of Instagram and gain those extra followers/likes. Warning, some of these are more applicable to a business on Instagram over a personal account.

Unlock your account. This is the beginning step and can be strange for people not already living the unlocked life. You open up your world to the explore page, which is where you can interact with people of similar pages and find accounts that enjoy your content. Your more popular posts will now likely be on the explore page for others to find. So simple, yet so overlooked. Although this does bring up the issue of should the outside world have access to your page, AKA is your content okay for your future boss to see?

Time is of the essence. For official business accounts, you need to devote some time and thought into your analytics page. If it’s telling you that Monday is a bad day for viewers, don’t get post happy, hold off and post on a day that’s better suited for reach. Make sure your time zone is linked up and check to see your most popular hours of the day. This little step can make a big difference over time, and even post to post.

#HashtagsAreDope. I’m not a big hashtagger on my person account, unless it’s for humor purposes, but for businesses it’s a prime and necessary way to find others who are genuinely interested in your content. No #likeforlike or #followforfollow. You need the real deal. Go search and stalk some accounts similar to yours and see what kind of things they’re hashtagging, likely it’s similar to what you should be doing. If you add, in the comments on your post, a big old text of hashtags, it might not be the prettiest thing, but it sure does help your reach.

Comment, and do it quick. This is a fun little trick to get your post on the top of all your followers feeds. Within the first 30 minutes of your Instagram post, you want as many comments as possible to be on your picture, be it from your friends, your second account or what not (after 30 minutes it isn’t as relevant and wont work). But the trick to this is that each comment needs to be at least 4 words in order for it to boost your reach to the top of the home page for your followers. No “nice photo!”, you need to say “wow I really like this and here’s why…” etc etc etc. This triggers Instagram into thinking that HEY this post is dope and everyone needs to see it. Trust me, try it. It totally works. Ask your friends to comment, and reply to all of them.

Be present and relevant. This goes without saying, but the more active you are on the app, the more people that will see your page and follow you. This means like a bunch of pictures, comment on the ones you dig, and follow someone new. It all helps you in the end.

~Aesthetic~ My freaking favorite topic. I care way too much about how my feed looks. But cmon, it totally matters. Make it your own, but make it stunning. Try and stick to the same filter on each post, that’ll start making it match your vibes. VSCO app is your new BFF when it comes to the best filters. Also, you’ll want to download the app “preview”. It lets you basically test how a photo would look on your Instagram feed. An amazing invention I wish I would’ve thought of.

Copy people who are killing the game. Your favorite accounts are doing something right! Why is it that you love their account? Are their captions witty? Are their photos beautiful? Figure out why it is that people like it so much, and learn from them! Don’t copy what they’re doing necessarily, but copy the approach they take.

Insta stories!! With stories blowing up, there’s a new spurt of users on the app who solely just click through stories, and don’t even really scroll through posts. If you’re an unlocked account and you tag a place, you’re automatically stretching your reach to someone else who is interested in that place. It’s so easy and they’re really freaking fun to doodle on. Get creative!

“Tag a friend who”. This is more for a business again, but it’s a super fun way to get more people involved and clicking on your account. Saying “tag a friend who you’d love to go here with”. That’s a cool way to double the amount of people seeing your content.


Thanks for reading my tips, even though I’m not Instagram famous. A big shout out to my internship with a start up called Rayka for being my medium of knowledge!

Insta handle @Rayka_app


Pro tip: Social media is dope, but so is being present in your life. So don’t let your new found skills keep your eyes glued to the screen. There’s so much world out there that shouldn’t be experienced while on your iPhone.

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