take a mental health day

We all have those days where absolutely nothing seems to be going right. Where even moving out of bed is a stretch. Where you want to quit pursuing your goals and just be a waste of space for a hot sec.

THAT IS OKAY. WE ALL DO. And today, October 3rd 2017, I experience a day where I needed to take a mental health break. So, sorry mom, I skipped class and slept, I didn’t do any homework, and I skipped my workout. It may be because I’m not feeling very well, but mostly I was overwhelmed and needed to be left on my own device. That’s the cool thing about being a “kind-of adult”. You get to make those big girl decisions for yourself, and a mental health day is one of them.

There are many different kinds of mental health days and to be honest I’ve experienced them all. Please read them and relate to me, or else I’m going to be throughly embarrassed for all my missed days of classes.

The “I’m so Lazy” day. – These are the days that you feel glued to your bed. A deeper meaning could be that you wanted to avoid the sunlight, or avoid social situations, but either way your butt is staying put in that bed COME HELL OR HIGH WATERS.

The “I Have to do Other Work” day. – When you have an intense week at work or at school, it can all seem to pile up. It’s like how April Ludgate thought March 31st didn’t exist and scheduled all of Ron Swanson’s appointments for that day. Ron needed a mental health day off work to get all of his things together. So although you have to neglect something in your life, you’re still being productive in parts that matter.

The “There Are Bad Things Happening” day. – When your world comes crashing down, you deserve a day off. No questions asked. If a loved one is sick, or you went through an awful break up, for the love of all things holy please take a day for yourself. You deserve it.

The “I’m Having a Bad Hair Day” day. – Those days where it feels like none of your clothes fit, that zit is just too huge to walk into class with, or your new haircut makes you despise the way you look. Those overdramatic moments that leave your confidence at an all time low. You shouldn’t let little things like this drive your life, but every once in a blue moon, it’s alright to give in and allow yourself to hide from reality, and social confrontations.

The “Must Gather my Life” day – My favorite kind of mental health day. You use the day to do laundry, answer emails, schedule appointments, basically just cross everything off of your To-Do list. Then you spend the rest of the day reading a book or on pinterest to celebrate your successes.


We all deserve a day to our selves every now and again, even if we don’t have a doctors note to support it. Support yourself and your own mental health. Take the damn day off.


2 thoughts on “take a mental health day

  1. Soothing Sense says:

    I definitely have “Shut the door, close all the blinds, unplug all the phones and lie in the dark days!” when I’ve had too much time around other people. But my favourite are self-care days: scheduled days of all things lovely before I get to the point of needing a mental health day. 🙂

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