How to please everyone

here’s a hint. you can’t.

So a better title would be, how to cope with not being able to please everyone. I know that I’d describe myself as a “WOO”, meaning that I attempt to Win Others Over. My soul is unsettled knowing that someone is mad at me or that we’re on bad terms. In the last few years of getting to know myself, I’m learning how to cope with the fact that I’m not liked by everyone, and that’s okay! …. if you don’t like me that’s fine, but you’re wrong and I hate you.

Put yourself first – You are the most important person in your life. The sooner you realize and act on this, the happier you will be, because in the end, you’re the only person that can make you happy. No one is in control over your emotions but YOU.

Stop caring about what people think – So much easier said than done, yet so so important. Other peoples perceptions of you will be great and will also be negative. There are people that are going to dislike you, and that is just part of life. Whether it be because of where you’re from or who you associate with, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you recognizing that somewhere down the line, you will not be someones cup of tea. And it’s chill because coffee is way better anyways.

Life is more than how you’re perceived – Worrying about what other people think about you is not only mentally destructive, but it takes up a ton of time. I dare you, next time you wake up in the morning, to attempt to pick out an outfit that you just want to wear and feel comfortable in. Don’t dress to impress anyone, dress up or down just because you fucking want to. This is your life. Do with it what you please.

Just be kind –  As cheesy as it is, treat others as you’d like to be treated. Everyday if you make a conscious decision to be a kind person and to be truthful with those around you, people are going to like you, because those characteristics are hard to come by these days. We all have shit going on in our lives and we all deserve a little love.

Sending you all good vibes! Thank you for reading!

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