The power of snail mail

Upon walking home from class, I almost always, out of habit, check my mail box. I get on my tip toes and reach in, hoping to find something, while at the same time hoping I won’t. I absolutely love receiving snail mail, but only if it’s not from the city of Charleston, or my BFF xfinity.

When someone takes the time to sit down and hand write their thoughts, concerns, condolences and celebrations about & for you, that is unbelievably flattering. It’s one thing to offer a phone call or a text message, but a hand written, stamped and addressed letter will rein true to be the best.

As a kid I always dreaded the thank you note writing days. Like any kid, I wasn’t thrilled about having to take pen to paper and write about how something or someone made me feel. Looking back, I’m not sure why I disliked it so much, because now it brings so much joy to my life. It feels wonderful to write a letter to someone, just knowing how much it’ll mean to them when they receive it. To document how they made you feel or that you’re thinking of them is so so important.

Handwriting is a dead language. I want to rub a defibrillator together, say clear, and put it on cursive handwriting. I am a big kinesthetic learner, so I constantly take handwritten notes in a note book. Everyday I challenge myself to try and form aesthetically pleasing notes all while practicing my cursive. The way the letters run together is so beautiful to me, and honestly it demoralizes my being that cursive is slowly dying. Have you ever looked back at old letters in your grandpas closet and see some cursive scribbles and had absolutely no idea what it was saying? I’m so guilty of not being fluent in the art of reading cursive, so I’m taking up a new hobby of calligraphy.

Calligraphy and snail mail. Name a better duo. Preserving your thoughts in a beautiful way. I know that I have on display all of the hand written things people have given me over the years, and none of those things are text messages I’ve screen-shotted and printed out. Although that would be kind of hilarious, I’d never display something like that. It just isn’t the same.

Next time you catch yourself missing someone or wanted to send a thank you, write it down on a pretty card, address it, lick it shut and send it on it’s way. Little things of this nature can make a huge impact on people.

— lets be pen pals !


A big thank you to my amazing Aunt Pat for sparking my idea for this blog post and for sending me the most thoughtful and amazing letter. Love you so much!

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