social vulnerability

When you live in a dorm, or in an apartment, finding time and a space to cry is hard. That sounds ridiculous, but being able to cry and not having to explain yourself is the best. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I, without a doubt, need an hour to myself every single day. And sometimes when those days are rough, you gotta let out those emotions.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of making my friends feel like they need to comfort or worry about me, while they’re all amazing and would absolutely do so, occasionally I’d just like to let out my feelings without having to spell out why. Now and again, in avoidance of just that, my alone time takes place in a public setting. Like today, I sat on a park bench and just sobbed. The reason being nothing in particular, but that we all just have those days. The action itself isn’t a cry for help, it’s more along the lines of a coping mechanism.

I will admit that I AM one to feel embarrassed in a setting where a complete stranger passing by can see me at my most vulnerable, except today was different. Countless people walking by me offered a smile or a friendly hello, seeing that I was blatantly distraught. And I guarantee you they didn’t even think twice about how much it meant to me. How neat is it that a stranger sympathizes with some random girl crying on a park bench. Today some faith in humanity was restored when I was sent good vibes from those warm hearted strangers.

Social media plays a role in the concept of social vulnerability. In schools scattered across the states, all my fellow college friends post beautiful photos of them doing exciting things. I say without a doubt that some of them are living their absolute best lives, but I do know that social media is a shit depiction of what is really happening in their lives. Personally, I’d never post a photo of me crying on a park bench, and so that moment goes unsaid and unacknowledged, except why should it? Instagram accounts are hi-lights of all the good things, but life is so much more than just the good moments. We all cry on a fucking park bench every now and again. No ones lives are perfect, even if it seems that way on the internet.


Please smile at people in passing & remember that social media only shows you the finest moments.



Shout out to my mother for inspiring this post, as well as just being an incredible person.

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