By yours truly

This year I made the non official decision to change my major to English. I’m currently taking a class called fiction writing AND as an attempt to gain some confidence in my writing, and fear less what people think, I’m going to be posting my writing here on my blog! If you have any constructive criticism I’d love to hear it. Be on the look out for a few short stories in the near future!

This first piece of writing was a challenge. My class was asked to write the opening page of a story, but only describe one character and in one setting. Here’s what I came up with!

The room still reeked of a skunk like scent from the night before. Jason rolled his head over onto his never washed pillow case in the basement of his parents’ house. He squinted one eye as the sun peeked through the side of his tattered blackout curtains, it was likely past noon, seeing that he never woke up past then anyways. He readjusted his navy-blue comforter so that it only covered one leg, it was the perfect happy medium of cold and hot. Jason picked at the sand in the corner of his eye and flicked it off his finger into the grimy abyss that was his room. He reached over to his bedside table and moved a plastic quarter-filled water bottle out of his way to reach his cell phone. Once in his possession, he unlocked his phone and was relieved to see that there were no notifications, just a lock screen picture of Kanye with his arms open wide, and a white digital clock reading 12:36 pm. Although for some unknown reason he felt slightly alarmed. The roar of the suburb was louder than it usually was on a Tuesday afternoon, loud enough to peg his interest, yet Jason contemplated going back to sleep.

Meanwhile, scratching the stubble on his chin, he sat up in his queen-sized bed. His shoulder length dirty blonde hair was matted in knots from sleeping. He shrugged to himself, and grabbed the remote to click on his cruddy dim lit 24” TV. Once it had booted up, a news scene appeared and shockingly everything else around him went silent. Blue and red colors sprang to life on the monitor and Jason was overwhelmed with a sense of urgency. Moments ago, he would have been more than content with sleeping all day, but that was no longer the case.

This theme for this second piece is hot topic cool prose, where you address a sensitive or traumatic topic with a cool tone, in only a few paragraphs.

A crisp scent filled her room, like the bon fire she used to burn marshmallows in during the summer. Annie saw grey fluffy clouds fill the spaces around her, until she had trouble seeing. In through the door came her mother, swiftly picking her up, causing Annie to drop her already dangling stuffed bear onto the floor. She reached out for it, but they’d already left. As her mother carried her, Annie could now see the view of her family pictures on the wall. The photos were warped and she laughed at the funny faces they know displayed.

She looked out the window as they were approaching the door, and there Annie saw her cat freckles. “Mom! Freckles is outside!” Annie squealed.

Her mother didn’t respond.

Instead they joined the cat outside. As did everyone else. The whole neighborhood saw Freckles outside, but they just stared ahead, and no one bothered to pick him up.

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