Best personality quizzes

“Do you enjoy being the center of attention?”

Disagree, slightly disagree, neutral, slightly agree, agree.

Well I can’t say that I agree because that would make me sound full of myself, and while I am, I’m going to pretend like I’m not. Disagreeing would be a fat lie and in order for this BuzzFeed 7 question quiz that will tell me what kind of breakfast food I am, I need to be upfront and honest with myself.


Personality quizzes were a right of passage for every 12 year old girl with a subscription to 17 Mag and Tiger Beat. Next to the pin up of Mitchel Musso there was a quiz usually entailing some sort of boyfriend prediction. My tween brain whole heartedly believed that those plastic neon pages would tell me everything I ever needed to know about myself. As the years passed, I ditched the tacky teen mags and have since traded up. I’ve taken a college psychology class and had my palm read, so you can trust me, I’m an expert.

Here’s a list of the Best Personality Quizzes you can take fo FREE on the internet.

I’d be a sin to start this list using any other personality test. Myers-Brigg is a 12 minute test that spits out as a 4 letter placement. This then opens up an entire cult of followers who also have the same 4 letters as you. You can read about your parenting style, relationships, work life, etc. There’s more information on this than there are majors at my College.

Buzzfeed quizzes might not be near as serious and researched as Myers-Brigg, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful or entertaining. This one in particular will ‘reveal your dominant personality trait’. Woohoo!

For anyone who can’t read, this quiz is for you (joking)!  Pictures are overwhelming in comparison to text. The goal is to basically click where you’re drawn to first. Simple and straightforward.

I throughly question the accuracy of this one that doesn’t stop it from being really fun. You click colorful squares. Even easier than the one you don’t need to read for. Just click the pretty colors and wa-la!

Arguably the most important personality test, the Harry Potter sorting hat. The catch to this link is that you need to make an account in order to take the test, but that’s half the fun! After taking this test go re-read the entire collection of books and re-live the best parts of your childhood. You’re welcome.





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