How to edit photos using the YouDoodle app

Hello! I recently started an Instagram page called @scooties_doodies. On this page I edit photos using the app YouDoodle. I can’t really explain what it is I edit, because I’m not really sure myself. Basically I’m going to show you how to cut out parts of a photo and paste it on another. Any who.

I’ve had a TON of questions about how it is I do these wacky edits and without further adieu, here is a step by step photo guide on how to make some edits yourself!


It looks like a lot of steps, but it’s actually super easy once you get the hang of it! So try not to get intimidated by all the pictures I attached!

First off, download the app you doodle. I happen to have the plus version because I hate seeing the adds, but the other versions work the exact same. (ignore the title of my apps. I got bored on a plane once and renamed all my folders). Also would highly recommend all the apps I have to edit various things. They’re dope.


Once in the app hit the top right FILE button and then hit import. It will bring up a list of 5 options. Choose to draw on top of a Photo. Then upload the photo through your camera roll and it will bring up a page asking if you would like to crop. If you don’t want to crop it then just hit done.


Next you will need to click on the brush tool twice. Color isn’t super important at this point but go with whatever you want. I usually use a stylist from here on out because it’s much easier to draw with than your finger. Once you double tap the brush icon a page will come up with lots of options for color and size. I usually stick to 1.00 as my size for this step. You’ll want opacity to be at 1.00 as well. At the bottom I usually check smooth edge and line mode. Line mode allows you to draw a continuous line, which is super easy when you’re outlining an object or person.

The undo button will become your bff. It’s the top left hand corner arrow. You’re welcome.


Once you go through and outline whatever object is is, make sure that all your lines connect. Next hit the FILL button on your tool bar. You’ll need to tap it twice to get color options. Click on black. You won’t leave the background this color but it’s necessary for the next step.

Next you need  to cover your background. Just tap any space to fill it. Cover up all the background spaces. If the cutout itself gets covered, it means that you did not connect all your lines. Hit the undo button in the top left hand corner to go back and redo.


Your next step is to click on the LAYERS icon. It’s right above the PICK icon in my photo. Layers will open up and you will have 6 options. Click the second one that says Merge to Foreground. A question will pop up asking you to confirm no or yes. Click yes. You won’t be able to tell much difference, but this is the most important step.



Once you’ve merged to foreground, you need to go back to our trusty fill tool, except this time instead of picking black as your fill color, you should pick the very first option. It looks like a grey and white checkerboard. Hit this button and then click on the areas that are black on your photo. Hit the file button and save this sucker to your sketchbook & name it whatever your heart desires.


So that part of the process is complete! Phew!! Now comes the fun part. Decide on a picture that you’d like to be your new background.

You’re going to import this picture using the same technique we did before. Hit the FILE option and draw on top of a new photo, just as you did before. Choose the picture from your camera roll. You’re going to hit the LAYERS button again (located above my PICK option). This time you’re going to choose the first option, Insert (Foreground). This will bring up an option of where you’d like to upload your foreground from. You just saved your cut out to your sketchbook, so choose your sketchbook and you should see your picture as the first option.



You did it!! Once you practice these steps, it goes super fast and you can edit pics like a wizard.



From this step forward it is all up to you what you’d like to add to your photo. I like to doodle around my cutouts, paste in other funny things, etc. Whatever I’m feeling really.

If you want any inspo check out @scooties_doodies on insta! Be sure to send me your photos if you used this to help you so that I can feature you!


Also if you have any clarifications or questions about the app, please hit me with a comment below because I’d love to help answer!

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