rock me like a hurricane

Anyone attending a college on the southern east coast knows the in’s and out’s of a hurricane, far too well. I’m 3 for 3 on evacuations, or “hurrications”, as they’re much better known on campus. An excuse to go visit your friends at other schools while a hurricane and it’s impending doom force you to leave your home and everything you own.

This year I made an appearance in The Big Peach. ATL. Hotlanta. A-Town. The Empire of the South.

Here’s a little about my Atlanta adventures thus far.

ponce city market

I felt like I was walking through downtown Denver when I first entered this fresh hipster area surrounding the beltline. Located just north of the historic forth ward park, it’s filled with shops, apartments, and restaurants. I could literally spend the entire day and night here, well fed and comfortably at that.

For a couple hours my friends and I weaved in and out of anthropologie and candlefish, smelling candles and drooling over interior decorations i’ll never be able to afford.

My friends begged me to play the only song I know on the colorful piano and after some incessant pleas, I finally obliged. After I graced them with a tune we set out to find the “little red door” on the belt line.

If you know you know.

Our ponce city adventure ended with a couple king pops popsicles and several blueberry seeds stuck in my front teeth, post consuming the blueberry lemonade flavor.

absolutely worth it.

10/10 day.

little 5 points

This vintage corner of Atlanta can make anyone feel like they’re in another decade. Filled with record stores, vintage clothing shops, and even zestos, there’s so much to gawk at & so many great shops, my money practically flew out of my pocket.

I invested in some retro levi shorts because I’m so unique and trendy. I’m sure no one will have anything like them.

All of my music midtown outfit dreams were fulfilled by the most fun sounding stores I’ve ever entered. Psycho sisters, Junkman’s daughter, Rag-o-rama, etc.

Music midtown, in case you weren’t familiar, is an annual music festival held in Atlanta featuring the fressssshest acts. This year I’ll be silently sobbing when post malone and khalid belt out their beautiful, beautiful, pipes in piedmont park.

Can hardly wait.

los rancheros


margs. are. strong.

so strong I forgot to take pictures.

This place, so I’ve been told by my friend sara, is an Atlanta native classic. She said we’d have to experience if for ourselves, and she was right.

It was fantastic.

I judge a Mexican restaurant by one thing, and one thing only … how good their queso is.  And their queso is aggressively addictive. I could’ve taken a soup spoon to it and been content for weeks.

The meal was just as delicious, and the service was nothing but great.

I felt like a true Atlantean.

trivia @ big sky buckhead

here’s my CUTE friend blair and I celebrating out friend anniversary as we competitively fought for the title of 6th place in a game of trivia.

Our night at Big Sky began with the giveaway of a bucket of beer for the best group name. We, being the hilariously creative master minds we are, came up with, “DM us for feet pics.”

We thought it’d be a good way to shove out some free marketing as well.

Sadly, our name didn’t win

Even worse, we didn’t get any DM’s. :////.

The game was very entertaining. We ended up knowing a lot more than we thought we would, for example, that the first thing Alice does when she falls down the rabbit hole is shrink.


Thanks for the hurrication, Flo!






One thought on “rock me like a hurricane

  1. Wendi Meyer says:

    Really enjoyed the references to record albums, fun funky clothes and good food. It sounded like you had a terrific Excursion and enjoyed memories for a lifetime. Hope you are doing well!


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