i have no idea what is going on & neither do you

Contrary to popular belief, I have literally no idea what is happening. My brain is the confusion meme, verbatim. All. hours. of. the. day.


I often find myself asking the age old question of, wut? Occasionally I switch it up with a smile closely followed by several head nods. Yet each time the conclusion is the same. I still have no idea what is going on.

Picture this. It’s October of 2018. You’re sitting in class next to red head named Abigail when your professor says, “I hope you’ve all been studying for the Exam on Thursday.” You and Abigail swap looks of existential dread.

What have you learned, like, at all ???

You laugh in your head, because you haven’t lol’d since 2012. Using the mechanical pencil you borrowed from a friend and “forgot” to return, you scribble it in your notebook, knowing damn well you aren’t going to study anyways.

There’s a couple people, typically skewed toward the front of the room, who seem to act like they know wtf is up. They aren’t shook by the impending news of a nearing exam.

I commend these people, I really do.

It’s tough acting like you’re smart all day. But this right here is a safe space. Take off your backpack, let those shoulders drop, release the tension from your pencil grip.

I know you don’t know what’s happening either.

And if you claim you do, then you’re a liar and I will gladly set your knickers a blaze.

Every job you enter, every class you take, it’s all the same. People are pretending like they know what’s going on around them, but they don’t!! It’s awesome.

I actually find this very liberating, seeing as I know nothing.

But cmon, now that I’m onto you, can we at least help each other out? I’d love to know what it feels like to instead witness someone else asking, for yet another time, can you repeat that?

But if I didn’t ask it, then who would? Because we all know we were wondering. Honestly, I’m braver than the marines.

You’re welcome.







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