be kind to your mind

In honor of World Mental Health Day, here are 6 ways to practice good mental health for yourself and others. 🙂

wash your sheets

You & a clean bed. Name a better duo, I dare you. There’s truly no better feeling than going to sleep in a warm and freshly made bed. A good nights sleep is absolutely necessary for good mental health and clean sheets are always a plus! Buy some fabric softener and light a candle. Curl up in bed with a book and let your worries melt away. . . brb, about to go wash my sheets.

go watch the sunset, better yet a sunrise


“Never go too long without watching a sunset.” -Atticus Finch

Atticus makes a wonderful point. Mindlessly staring at nature is extremely soothing. It doesn’t require you to communicate or comprehend. It just is. There’s something so wonderful about looking past your own world and realizing that there’s always beauty around you. For best results, wake up early & watch the sunrise so you can start your day off with major ~good vibes~. Take an Instagram story, drink some coffee, and commend yourself for doing something productive before 9 am.

text that friend you keep forgetting to check in with

You know exactly who I’m talking about. That friend you lost touch with when they went abroad, or moved a few states over. They still exist, and they still miss you. Reaching out to someone not only brightens their day, but yours as well. How good does it feel when someone says they saw something that remind them of you, or simply that they were thinking about you? Go make your friends day. Maybe you’ll end up planning a trip to go see them! (which leads me to my next point)

plan a trip

This isn’t always possible, but creating a future event to look forward to can make or break things. When you get an invite to a party next weekend, suddenly, this week doesn’t seem too bad. Same thing goes for a road trip, concert, football game, etc. Plan something! It doesn’t need to be a trip to Paris! It could be as simple as lunch with your Mom. Pick something you’re excited about and make a day of it. Give yourself a little motivation by creating something to look forward to.

go sit in a public place

This sounds a little strange but it’s something that really helps me when I’m feeling isolated. Instead of sitting alone in your home, opt for somewhere public, whether it be a coffee shop, library, or park. Surround yourself with that good coffee smell, go pet some dogs, and watch other people live their lives. This can take the pressure off thinking about yourself. Being around other people can also help you feel less alone. Getting out of your room is never a bad thing!

calendar time for self care

Surprise! Every Tuesday is now Treat-Yourself-Tuesday. Go to your local grocery store and stock up on b&j’s phish food. Schedule a pedicure. Get a massage once a month! No, seriously, plan out specific times on your calendar that you are going to dedicate strictly to yourself. Someone asks you to do something? Nope, sorry! I’ve got a hot date with myself! You need this time, so pre-plan it before you forget!


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:



My Email if anyone ever wants to talk:

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