the beauty of a sunday hangover

Let me guess, last night you partook in the act of consuming ungodly amounts of fermented beverages. After pre-gaming with two tall-boys of twisted tea, you happily helched at the pregame and proceeded to rally for bars. Those tequila shots you had? Worth it. Not because you had an amazing night, but instead because it gave you a Sunday hangover. Yes, you read that right.

We can all agree that Sunday’s are indeed the most painful day of the week, but it arguably makes them the superior day.

Aside from the whole aching body and mind, having a Sunday hangover is the best excuse to do nothing all. day. long.

Wake up, chug water, and enjoy.

Flip open that computer and start binge watching one star movies on Netflix, Zombeavers is my personal favorite. There’s no need to feel bad for not being productive because you’re arguably brain dead anyways!

So that homework you know you need to get done? You can’t possibly do it. Your brain isn’t physically functioning as it should. You have no option but to sink into delirium tremens.

Once the pain really starts to set in, you’ll realize you need food. And you need it, like, now. Greasy, over 1000 calories, regret it later, make your stomach swell, food. The good thing about College is that your roommates are also extremely hungover. Hashtag we’re all in this together. Opt for the one with a car to drive you to McDonalds, & carb load. If your body is remarkably disturbed by the mere thought of leaving your home, treat yourself to uber eats. Food = survival. Not only do you deserve it, but you need it.

& Sunday calories don’t count. It’s a known fact.

So on this beautiful day, try and “bright side” the pain you’re suffering. There’s no other day of the week that this opportunity presents itself so beautifully. Sunday’s are a drunk uncles’ Christmas.

Merry Christmas kids.



2 thoughts on “the beauty of a sunday hangover

  1. floatinggold says:

    I’ve always preferred Saturday hangovers. That way you can do nothing and recover on Saturday and then take your Sunday and do something fun (or not. it’s up to you). But having a Sunday hangover means that you’re miserable all day and then you have to go to school/ work on Monday. Like there was never a weekend to begin with.


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