5 reasons why I’ll fight someone for the airplane window seat

That title is going to get me on TSA’s watch list, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. My love for the airplane window seat is more than just a phase, it’s a lifestyle. He might cost extra, but so does quac, and what am I gonna do, say no??

If you’re an isle lover, or a cheap middle seater, not only do I feel you, but I thank you. I wouldn’t be where I sit today if it weren’t for you.

1. You can pretend you’re in a music video

You’re gazing out the window with your earbuds at full volume. The goal is to drown out the ambient hum of the motor, while simultaneous pretending you’re in a music video that was produced in 2007. The reflection of the clouds glare off your eyes. You’ve gone full emo.

2. You don’t have to move when someone other than yourself has to pee

Being woken from your sleep just so the person next to you can relieve themselves is, frankly, unethical. You’re expected to shift into the isle and unintentionally block the drink cart just so your seat neighbor can “sneak right past ya”. And the worst part? They’ll come back 5 minutes later and expect you to rise again. Absolute blasphemy. If you book a window seat all you have to do is have a superior bladder and your flight will remain uninterrupted. 

3. The Natural light

Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying to see my sudoku puzzle as much as the next 60 year old, but you don’t see me aggressively pushing that overhead light button. Slide the window shade open for optimal natural glow, because we all know you’re its rightful owner. Illuminate your flying experience without the resplendent illumination.

4. It’s the easiest way to avoid social conversation

You might meet the love of your life on an airplane, but in my experience, odds are against it. Offering a few kind smiles is typical, but you might land next to someone that’ll spend the whole flight trying to change your religion. If this is the case, please refer to step 1.

5. Your own armrest

The holy grail of reasons I’d fight someone for the window seat, that gorgeous outside armrest. Big. Elbow. Energy.

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