why hostels are the BEST places to stay while traveling

After traveling on my own, I’ve learned that hotels actually blow chunks and hostels are where it’s at. That extra “s” is life changing. If you’d classify your lifestyle as hoity-toity, I would not advise you to stay in a hostel. They will not meet your needs, but they sure as hell exceed mine.

Meet the love of your weekend

There are so many new travelers every single day in hostels. People come from all over the world no matter the locale, and odds are if they’re traveling alone, they’re single. ;)) Meet a cutie from Australia and maybe you’ll spend the weekend adventuring together. All you have to do to spark a conversation is ask where they’re from, or where the nearest bar is. It’s seriously that easy.

Super fckin cheap

Balling on a budget? How does $20 a night sound?

Hotels are notorious for ripping customers off and practically robbing wallets. Air bnb’s are a great option for groups, but the cheapest route for solo travelers is, without a doubt, hostels. All you really need is a place to sleep. It might not be the comfiest bed in the world, but it’s by far the most interesting.

Social and fun as heck

The love of your weekend isn’t always practical, but making a friend is surely feasible. Hostels have loads of shared community spaces and this is generally where the Wi-Fi is. These areas are the easiest place to chat up a neighbor and find out all the “must do’s” in the area. Another social enticer is the games they scatter around hostels. Some have pools, basketball courts, or just plain and simple board games. With all those options, they’re bound to have something you dig.

Some have a bar with cheap alcohol

Story time! During my travels across Eastern Australia I stayed in a backpacker’s hostel in Gold Coast, Queensland. For those who don’t know, alcohol down under is much higher priced due to the fact that it travels so far to get there. So, you can imagine my excitement when the hostel bar said they had an entire bottle of wine for $8. The bartenders proceeded to tell me that a lot of hostels across world have bars with really great deals. If this aspect doesn’t convince you, then I don’t know what will, tbh.

Super exclusive deals

Because companies know a large number of budget travelers pass through hostels, they typically have several deals with local companies. This could be a number of things ranging from a half-off dinner on your first night, to a discount on an adventure hike, all because you picked the cheapest lodging option.

If you’re not convinced, just go ahead and book that hotel. I won’t be hurt when you’re watching dateline alone and I’m making friends from all over the globe. 

2 thoughts on “why hostels are the BEST places to stay while traveling

  1. Ray says:

    Some hostels also arrange for airport pickup at a reasonable cost, too! Another reason to consider this alternative form of travel accommodation!


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