Tips for Your Trip: NYC in the Summer Time

While teen pop sensation Hannah Montana didn’t quite make it to the big city during her hit motion picture Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009), that doesn’t mean you can’t!

The summer is a great time to holiday in the Big Apple, yet also an awful time (you’re gonna feel sticky). But don’t let that stop you! I’ve put together some words of wisdom that I’d wished I would’ve researched before vacationing in New York City during the summer months.

Getting There

Assuming you’re flying into the city, you’ve got three choices when it comes to airports: Newark, JFK, and LaGuardia. All of the above are going to be expensive since the summer is peak tourist season, but they’re all doable, so be sure to check for cheap flights into all three.

From the airport on, your transportation costs can differ. If you stick to the subway the entire time, each ride is about $3. An Uber/Lyft can put you out somewhere between $70 and $25. Cabs are generally less expensive than ride apps, but still around $20. Just some food for thought when you’re budgeting out your expenses.

The most cost effective mode of transportation, 10 times out of 10, is the subway. It may seem daunting to navigate, but your handy dandy iPhone (or Samsung android, I’m not here to phone shame) tells you exactly how and where you need to go.

The directions I followed finding my way to the MET using iPhone Maps.

Underground there’s even less airflow than the non-existent breeze in-between the skyscrapers. This leads me to my next point – wear deodorant. Fortunately, when I forgot to apply antiperspirant, so did everyone else riding the train. Collectively: we stank. However, you may not be as lucky as I am.

If I was an ambassador for a multi million dollar beauty company, this was when I’d tell you to purchase our rose flavored deodorant stick. #Ad #Sponsored #LmaoIWish

Places to see

While I’m certain that the walls of your hotel are entertaining, you’re probably planning on seeing some stuff (just a shot in the dark here). I find that when planning a trip anywhere, I revert to my middle school days and make a Pinterest board. This gets you thinking of places you may have overlooked before. Here’s the one I made for my recent trip to NYC.

Here are a few of the spots I saw (humble brag). Cue the photo montage!

As an excuse to share my own photos, I tell myself that they assisted in the planning of your own trip. Now back to the content you actually came here for.

Things To Avoid

#1: Un-comfy shoes.

I had the oh-so brilliant idea to break in a new pair of Dr Marten’s, and boy did I pay the price. As unpleasant as this next image is, if I had to live it, you have to suffer through seeing it. Let this be a warning! You’re going to be walking miles on miles every day and comfortable shoes are make or break.

A photo of me being an idiot, ft. my bloody socks.

#2: Not bringing a hair tie.

We’ve covered this, but to reiterate my point, the heat is like no other. For some background info, I sweat through the entirety of my backpack straps. SO, curling your hair or wearing it down in general isn’t the smartest choice. Find yourself a headband or one of those fancy silk scarves that everyone is buck wild about and prepare for the worst sweat you’ve ever experienced (not to be dramatic).

#3 Attending tourist attractions during the mid-day.

It’s the hottest point of the day and subsequently the busiest. A good way to avoid the lines and crowds is to check the busy times on a google search the day before. It’ll tell you when the most popular hours are for visitors, and once that knowledge is acquired, you do the opposite of just that.

Alas! I hope this helps you in your concrete jungle adventures. If you have any tips you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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