The Backpacking Diaries #2 Reykjavik, Iceland

Welcome to Entry #2: Destination Reykjavik

8/16/19 It’s crazy how one day can feel like weeks. Today I fell asleep against an airplane window, then made friends with a pilot on my bus transfer, explored downtown Reykjavik, swam in a pool, and met a TON of hostel mates while we shared a few happy hour beers.

Where to begin?

The pool I visited called Sundhollin was amazing, overlooking the fact that they required me to strip down naked and bathe before entering their hot tub. I snuck my phone onto the pool deck, which I later learned was a big no-no, and snapped a couple shots. I was way too shy to spark up a conversation, mostly because everyone around me sounded like they were speaking a different language, whether they were or not. This place was incredible, and I can honestly say it was the best way to start my trip, that was until I tasted the most delicious beer I’ve had in months. That might be due to the fact that I strictly drink Miller Lite back home, but who’s to say?

I knew said pub had to be great because even the Icelandic folk inside were smashed. After a few exchanges with some fellow bar-goers, I meandered my way back to my hostel and drank with some new friends. I also tried vlogging today …. and I kind of liked it.

And onto day two!

8/17/19 During my second official day in Iceland, I began wandering, yet again. I had plans to meet my friend Marissa from Couchsurfing and watch the pride parade together. She’s an audiologist who’s been studying in Iceland for the last 9 weeks, and she’s a lover of old rock bands. Oddly enough, she’s also a fan of mimicking other accents. I had to explain to her that my Midwest American friends and I frequent an awful Australian accent. We also debated the highly infamous question of what IS the sexiest language in the world? Marissa was a big supporter of Russian. As for me? Pig Latin, of course.

Another friend I’ve made during my travels goes by the name of Alves. He’s a Portugal native with a passion for creating. He actually made and an entire clock out of Hyperglycemia powder. No joke. Please do me a favor and check out his instagram account.

It’s so strange how human connections form and how strangers can become friends so quickly. Making friends and meeting new people has always been my favorite reason for travel and being by yourself without a plan fosters the perfect environment for spontaneous adventures.

That’s all for now! I’ll seeya when I seeya!

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