The Backpacking Diaries #4 Copenhagen, Denmark

Today I paid $16 to wash my clothes but forgot to put in laundry detergent. Trying to figure out a laundry machine that only has directions in a foreign language is equivalent to trying to solve a Rubik’s cube with your eyes closed.

I’ve had a few big learning points over the last couple of days, the first one being always ask questions. I was about to board a train around midnight after flying into Copenhagen from Iceland and decided to quickly ask a stranger if I was on the correct route. As it turns out, had I not asked I would’ve arrived unknowingly in Sweden. While Sweden’s all fine and dandy, going to the wrong country in the middle of the night would not have been my proudest moment.

Another point I’ve learned is that it’s okay to be uncomfortable. Whether that means not showering for 4 days, or making noise in a silent hostel room, being uncomfortable is not a bad thing. I’ve always been one to try and avoid stepping on toes or being too in someone else’s space. Living in a hostel means you need to be brave and own your space. If you have to unzip 500 zippers at 2am, then you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. I’m not saying to be purposely obnoxious, but you can’t constantly walk on egg shells to avoid disturbing others. Although this is an uncomfortable feeling, again, it’s not a bad thing.

8/21/19 I’ve touched down in the land of PetersEn not PetersOn. Finally, I’m among my people. Upon my first search for WiFi, I was greeted with this beautiful spelling of my last name (see photo below). I already feel oddly at home here. Not sure if it’s because of my Danish roots, or because it just feels damn good to be in a big city again.

Petersen’s unite!

After somewhat doing my laundry, I faced all the other mundane responsibilities I have to burden myself with before trecking around the city. With every new hostel, you have to learn the lay of the land. How do I label my food correctly so that no one else will take it or throw it out? Where am I allowed to make FaceTime calls and be loud? Where is the bathroom, and do I need a key to enter? Why is it so difficult to turn on the stove? And most importantly, what’s the WiFi password? All of these are easily figured out, but it’s hard to keep things straight already, and it’s only hostel #3.

Some of the things that made me laugh today involved the grocery stores selling of “Milk Pillows.” Although I opted for the cheap off-brand cheerios, these absolutely murdered me.

As for exploring, I’m sticking closer to my hostel for the day. Because I have a week here as opposed to 5 days like my last destination, I can afford to hangout and get settled. However, something that I can’t afford is eating out. I’ve managed to cook my own meals (and skip a few … aka sleeping in late so I don’t have to buy breakfast) the entire time I’ve been abroad. I can only imagine how much money I’d have spent already if I wasn’t doing this. #ProTip #AmIAProNow? #MoreLikeAmatureTip

I’ll update soon, and I’ll seeya when I seeya!

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