The Backpacking Diaries #5 More of Copenhagen

Every shower I take now feels like the best shower of my entire life. I don’t feel clean, but that’s not the point. Nothing I own is clean. I definitely knew that this would be something I’d have to deal with, but I’m not completely comfortable with being so gross all the time.

My hostel in Copenhagen has such an amazing shower, something I’m not going to take for granted at all. Moving on from my cleanliness, things have been going well here! I’ve got a helluva lot of stories to catch you guys up on.

8/23/19 I posted a touristy photo on instagram to celebrate my arrival in Denmark, and one of my friends from Nebraska tagged a sorority sister of hers that had posted practically the same photo only hours earlier. Turns out her friend is doing an exchange over here for the semester, so I asked her to grab lunch! This was the first real meal I’ve purchased while traveling. How crazy is that? The verdict: delicious. Isabel and I swapped bucket list items and realized we shared a lot more mutual friends than we’d though. Getting to chat with a fellow midwesterner made me feel like I was right at home.

I now vow to find a comedy club in every city I visit after my night at the ICC Theatre. I randomly decided to drop $10 on a ticket because I had nothing better to do, and also hadn’t made any friends yet. While I was worried that I’d just purchased a ticket to an entire comedy show in Danish, I was happily surprised when they started cracking English jokes about Justin Bieber.

I sparked up a chat with a few of the fellow comedy viewers around me and somehow they convinced me to put my name in to possibly hop on stage and join in on the improv. I’m not one to speak in public, but I said yes and made a fool of myself, all in the name of good fun. After pretending to be drunk at “a tapas bar in Spain,” I called it a night. Laughing that hard with complete strangers made me feel like I was right at home.

Christainia was a big to-do on my Copenhagen list. This is the green light district in Denmark where Cannabis is kinda legal, emphasis on kinda. I’m not a smoker, but I did want take a walk through the area. I was yelled at for taking the second photo below and asked to delete it . . . but I didn’t. Scattered around this colorful area are collapsable tables with spreads of weed for sale. It’s like street vendors and flea markets but just for marijuana. It was insane how much there was. I totally get why they don’t want pictures being taken, because it’s still technically illegal. For the most part, police in Denmark turn a blind eye, but just in case, there are spotters stopped on all corners of the area, watching to make sure there isn’t a raid coming.

The whole place is filled with street art and beautiful colors. I hungout at a cafe for a solid couple of hours just listening to all the languages and laughing at how strange this little area really was. I didn’t feel right at home, but I can already feel myself getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

I’m a bit exhausted from feeling like I need to be going at all hours of every day. If I’m not out exploring or writing, I feel super guilty, yet if I’m out spending money, I feel guilty as well. This is a balance I wasn’t concerned about before, but now it’s a constant thought. Is it okay to sit around with my headphones in all day? I did that every now and again in Charleston, but why do I feel so guilty about it here?

To be frank, I feel like I haven’t been making as many friends as I’d have liked to at this point. It’s not something you can rush, and it’s all part of the experience, but feeling lonely is mentally draining. Luckily, that changed when I made an Aussie friend in Denmark, and the good fortune spiraled. I’ll tell you all about it in my next post!

I’ll seeya when I seeya!

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