The Backpacking Diaries #6 Closing the Copenhagen Chapter

Traveling solo is like being on a constant first date, and not only that, but they’re all blind dates. You roll off the same small talk questions and see if it’ll lead to a friendship. Not too much humor, but just enough. Sometimes you hit it off right away and other times it takes a couple topics before things start flowing.

Annika and I became friends because I complimented her shoes. It was that easy. To be fair, Annika could get a koi pond fish to be her best friend, but none the less, we quickly became friends and jumped into adventuring together.

My new Aussie mate and I went to a free concert at Byhaven Pumpehuset which we found via a recommendation off Couchsurfing. There we met the music producers of the acts playing, as well as some of the performers. The producers Marten & Morten (the names make their bromance that much cuter) laughed with us about the Volvo commercial where Van Damme does the splits between two trucks driving backwards (link here for those that aren’t cultured). I would highly recommend checking out this venue if you’re in Copenhagen. The locals we spoke to were quite surprised that we found it as travelers.

Annika and I were headed down the elevator the next night, hoping to come up with a plan, when we were joined by a man carrying a handle of vodka and the oh-so familiar Cards Against Humanity black box. Without a second to spare, we jumped at the opportunity. “Well I know where the party’s at,” I said as the elevator dropped us on the first floor. “Looking for any more players?”, Annika offered up. And that’s the story of how we crashed a bachelor party, or a stag as our new Welsh friends called it.

I was quickly educated that calling someone from Wales “English” is incredibly rude, and a mistake I’ll never make again. Luckily our new friends, Tom, Tom (or Dave), Jake, Jacob, and Matt didn’t mind my ignorance.

While playing the UK version of Cards Against Humanity, I soon learned that the concept “free taxi” is very different from our NYC game show “Cash Cab.” No need to look that one up, just take my word for it. Keeping with our board game agenda, we hit a bar with games on every single shelf. Instead of playing monopoly or something normal, I taught my new friends my personal favorite game, Burning Bridges. There are no cards necessary, just some creative ideas and no qualms. Again, we’ll leave it at that.

With a few beers under our belt, and forgive me if I’m wrong (things were a bit blurry), we headed onto the next bar with hopes of dancing flashing through our heads. We scooped up a new friend named Jonathan along the way, who I later found out is from Manhattan, Kansas. Small world.

An Aussie, two Americans, and five Welsh guys walk into a Latin bar. There’s no punch line to this joke. Actually, we weaseled our way into a free bottle of vodka, and a side of glow in the dark (not a joke) Red Bull. The next morning we all ran a 10K circling the — lol sorry I can’t even write that without laughing.

I promise I did more than just drink while I’ve been abroad. I saw some art and read a book, and rented a bike!

On another note, I’ve been doing my best to workout while traveling, and it’s been hard. When the motivation hits you really have to go for it, and that’s what I did the following day. With my tennis shoes laced up and my workout bands in hand, I had no option of retreating. After a brisk jog to get my heart rate up I started doing my typical exercises, that was until a bee stung me on my arm. This I took as a sign from mother nature to go back to sleep.

While I had all intentions of napping, when I was offered plans with the word BOAT in the sentence, who was I to say no? Annika and I had made friends with another gaggle of guys, this time hailing from London.

These guys are characters. I laughed so hard I have abs.

Before getting on the boat I announced to everyone that in the state of Nebraska I was licensed to drive a floating vehicle, so thus I was put in charge of the 5mph motor. A few captain Scout jokes were obligated to be told, and I happily obliged. The view from our motorized kayak was incredible, almost as incredible as the high dive we all jumped off of after.

After realizing I’d forgotten to eat anything but an Apple and a cup of tea all day, I hangrily enjoyed some free food that was left in the hostel. For a night cap, our new gang stayed in drinking. Don’t let that sentence fool you. Things were equally as rowdy. One of our new buddies went for a midnight bike ride that may or may not have ended with a couple stitches . . . and one hell of a bill from the bike rental company. I haven’t laughed THAT hard in a coons age.

Thanks to everyone that’s been following along this journey with me. I’ve been having so much fun receiving all your recommendations and well wishes. I’m writing you from Prague as we speak and can’t wait to update soon. I’ll seeya when I seeya!

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