The Backpacking Diaries #7 Prague, Czech Republic

I have to physically restrain myself from buying candy every single day. In Charleston I had my roommates to tell me whether I should go to the corner store or not, given they always said to do it, it’s not the same. By myself it’d be so easy to eat candy for every meal of the day. I don’t doubt for a second that I could easily manage it for a week before the repercussions really took a toll on my mental and physical health.

These are the thoughts I have now that most of my time is spent dicking around. How long could I live off European chocolate before getting type two diabetes? My sweet tooth is a curse.

As much as I’d love to write an entire post about chocolate, Prague had a different plan in mind for me. While this isn’t going to be an exciting retelling of all the wild adventures I had, it’s a more accurate depiction of the depression that hit really hard in Prague.

This past week has been anticlimactic, but climactic for me. I got some sort of bug, I’m assuming from sleeping in rooms with people packed in like sardines for the last few weeks. I had a scratchy throat that slowly became a nasal headache/cold of some sort. I woke up one morning sobbing because I was in so much pain from my eardrum not being able to release.

Although I did meet a handful of very kind and fun people during my time in Prague, shout out Tilly, Alice, Renzo, Alex, and James, I spent majority of my time in the gorgeous Czech Republic staring up at the ceiling of my room. And here’s the thing, I don’t care at all. I’ve been pushing myself to meet new people every single day and then party with them or adventure by foot for upwards of 10 miles. This might come off as annoying since I’m traveling and seeing so many incredible places, but myself and everyone else following along would be insane to think that I wouldn’t have bad days.

I mostly blame it on being sick, but I was also in a huge depressive swing. Traveling alone is lonely as hell, but it’s also so amazing and wonderful. I’m learning so much about myself, and now I know that I need human connection, but I also need down days. I need days where I can cry to my family on FaceTime, and I need days where I forget about home because I’m having so much fun with my new friends. I need days where I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine the entire time and not feel bad about it.

On a lighter note, while I was off reading my book and having a snack at a picnic table, I was approached by two women in their 60’s that were backpacking themselves. They asked to sit with me and we proceeded to swap stories of cheap travel adventures and the people we’d met. By the end of our meals, they’d given me their number and a future place to stay if I ever wanted to visit Alberta, Canada. The kindness of travelers still manages to surprise me.

Sometimes you need a little reminder that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. On my way to grab dinner one night, I randomly stumbled across my name written on the side of the street. It kinda blew my mind, but it more so warmed my heart. I think it was a reminder that even when things aren’t great, that doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. I’m just going to choose to trust that I’m headed in the right direction.

To recap: I saw gorgeous views, shared a wild night with some friends, and slept off my qualms. Thanks for the lessons, Prague. I’m off to Vienna!

I’ll seeya when I seeya.

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