The Backpacking Diaries #10 Dubrovnik, Croatia

To preface, I’m not a GoT fan, but I may need to start watching after my last few days in Dubrovnik. They literally trap tourists with anything and everything Game of Thrones in this city. There was sign outside of a massage place for a “GoT massage,” whatever that means, for double the price of a normal massage. Regardless of my lack of HBO and chirapsia knowledge, this place was sick.

After doing my fair share of research on a destination, AKA stalking the location tag on Instagram, I knew I wanted to visit Lokrum Island. This photo was the last straw before I binged on the ticket.

The Purple Cave via IG @melimarty

It’s a quick five-minute ferry ride from the outskirts of the wall, if you dare to brave the row of tourist traps on the marina. While it’s not a cheap trip, it includes your fare to the national park and your trip back. I wanted to see this gram-worthy spot for myself, and also, I have literally nothing better to do.

Once on island time, I smashed a handful of nuts and berries and began searching like the die-hard aesthetic lover I am. The Purple Cave isn’t stated on any travel guides, which is pretty baffling. They don’t disclose the location to you, even if you ask at the travel desk (believe me, I checked). Someone graciously informed me that the only “safe” way to see this lookout was by renting a Kayak, or passing through a nude beach. The only catch is that the nude beach is more or less a nude “cliff”, which meant I’d be scaling rocks while simultaneously dodging freeballers. It was either pay 200 Krona to get there by Kayak, or scale the side of the nudist cliff, neither of which I had enough money or hand eye coordination for. It’s nearly impossible to focus on climbing with a million-naked people around you . . . and when’s the last time you saw someone good looking on a nude beach? The correct answer is never.

It took me about an hour before I gave up my search for the Purple Cave. Defeated, I did what any good person would do and sulked in direct sunlight on the edge of a cliff overlooking the bluest water you’ve ever seen. I did a couple cliff jumps to liven my spirits, and took a few fire pics with the help of my tripod. The photo below is the last sighting I have of my target flip flops. I’d bet money that they’re still sitting in that exact spot because I’m about 39% sure I left them on the island. RIP.

Despite my lack of socialization in Dubrovnik, I still managed to rally up a gang to hike up Mount Sur. Google Maps describes the ascent as “slightly challenging,” and although I’m the epitome of health and wellness, I’d reckon it’s a bit more than slight.

Giulia, Ryan, and Rachel joined me for easily the coolest sunset I’ve witnessed in my young adult life. None of the images below are filtered or edited. I swear, every second it got prettier and prettier, not unlike myself.

The following day I went cliff jumping yet again (I’m a backpacker, what can I say?) at a literal hole in the Dubrovnik wall called Buza Bar. Their drinks are wildly overpriced but cheap if you hit on strangers that purchase them for you. On my instagram highlight for Croatia I have a video of my Aussie friends Tim & Ryan doing a synchronized backflip. I totally did one myself but unfortunately didn’t have the paparazzi to capture the incredible moment.

Due to my inability to say no, my left ankle for example, I went to a club inside an actual castle until 2am before waking up for my 7am bus ride to Bosnia. Killer night with killer new friends. We love peer pressure. Hopefully I’ll seeya when I seeya!

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