About Scout

Welcome to the world of travel + humor!

Howdy! My name’s Scout and I’m a 20 year old College of Charleston student majoring in a language I already speak. On a typical day, you’ll find me binge watching Ted Talks and eating Funyuns. My BFF? My morbidly obese house cat, Midnight. One brand I would go to war for? White claw.

This interestingly specific niche stems from the belief that there desperately needs to be more humor in the world of travel. Travel can make you feel, well, kinda sticky. It’s not all the glamor Travel + Leisure makes it out to be. It’s greasy hair & canceled flights, and I’m not about to sugar coat it.

Here you won’t find a fashionista selling you a swim suit or a photographer’s beautiful sunset portrayal . . . okay well you might for the sake of my ~aesthetic~.

More importantly, you’ll be equipped with memorable humor throughout my travel journey, A Scout’s Journey.


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