new home base

Life update!! I recently moved back to my college city in Charleston, SC! (If you start seeing "y'all" in my writing, now you know why). When you live two plane rides away, it's hard to decide what comes and what stays. Luckily, my parents came with me and helped me get situated in my first … Continue reading new home base

holiday travels

Traveling on easter?? I ain't even mad. This morning I woke up in my childhood room and now I'm resting my head on a plane window somewhere in Chicago. This world and technology is phenomenal. I can split 24 hours into multiple cities. That's insane. A concept that some 100 years ago, probably less I … Continue reading holiday travels

a hop skip and a jump

       travel day!!!! Unpopular opinion, I love spending a day in the air, traveling. It gives me an excuse to listen to good music, stare out a window, disconnect from society, and occasionally read a book. That is the LIFE. All while going to a new destination. Cmon. Tell me something better. Travel … Continue reading a hop skip and a jump